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37 New Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 1HP | Tel: 01249 652 004


0 - 2 Years Olds

The 0 - 2 year olds have exclusive use of a three bedroomed house with separate rooms dedicated to different ages groups set out with appropriate toys to stimulate play and development. The rooms are very cozy and give the young ones the opportunity to play, share, choose toys, learn new skills and enjoy their free time, with the support of our qualified team of staff. The babies also have a creative room for playing in. Activities on offer here include sand and water play, painting and collage, and also role play i.e. a mini kitchen, cars and garage, dinosaurs and first construction sets as well as much more.

We also have the separate sleep room to accommodate different sleep patterns, for when the little ones need some rest. This room is set out like a bedroom to help create a home away from home environment. We encourage favourite toys and or blankets as they often help to act as a comfort whilst settling in.

Your child will have a key worker who gets to know you both and is available for questions, queries and keeping you informed.

The babies have lunch together and the nursery provides a freshly prepared, home cooked balanced hot tea. Please see link on the left for menu examples.

The under twos also have a secured lawned garden with lots of outdoor play.

We use the outside opportunities as much as possible to extend your child's day.

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